How it works

You have a project and you want to entrust it to our freelancers, follow the next steps

Post a mission

Publish your request for free. You can consult here our guide on how to publish a mission on Dlichthr

Receive offers

Once your request is posted, you will receive many freelance offers

Review provider's profiles

You can consult the profiles of the service providers either at from our home page or by clicking on the offers sent

Select your provider

According to you want it, we can arrange a interview between you, the service provider and one of our experts

Entrust your project

Entrust your project and our experts will take care of it deliver on time

You have skills and you want to put them to the service to our customers, follow the next steps

Create an account on Dlichthr

Registration on our platform is free. Create your account in one click and log in to see the available missions

Update your profile

Add your skills, your professional experiences, your hourly rate and your portfolio


Consult the available missions and apply by proposing your service offer

Prepare for interviews

If your offer is selected, you will be interviewed to convince the client

Work from home

If your offer is successful, complete the mission at home respecting the terms of agreemen


Our services are billed to you at a low rate

We continually provide you with human resources


They trust us, what about you ?


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